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Voice reels and demos are the same thing. In the UK we tend to say ‘reel’, but in the USA ‘demo’ is more widely used. A demo is usually around one minute long and includes clips of voiceover work either recorded for the purpose of the reel or extracted from paid jobs. It’s like a VO’s resume. It is designed to show off your voice and give the listener an idea of the different styles you can deliver. There are many different types of demos and you can have as many as you like, but the most important one, and the one that agents prefer, is the commercial reel followed by a narration reel. You don’t need to have lots of reels. It’s always better to have quality over quantity. It is vital to get your reel professionally produced as you will be sending it to producers, casting directors and agents and they will hear if it has been produced poorly. It is important to get training before you get your voice reel made. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make. You need to understand your range and how to best utilise your voice in a studio. Do not let a voice reel producer push you to do something you aren’t comfortable with in the studio because you may need to be able to recreate it at short notice.

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My name is Alan and I am a British voice actor based in Leeds, UK.
I have a friendly, story-telling charm to my voice with a small hint of a Northern English accent. I can create a range of powerful character voices for Animation and Gaming. Additionally, I can also provide informative, conversational and relaxed voices for Commercial and Corporate use.

I have worked in the Performing Arts industry for over 20 years. Having worked in Theatre, TV, Performance Capture, Film and VO I am passionate about bringing characters to life no matter what situation or genre they are needed for.

I am confident working with clients all over the world from my high spec home studio but I am more than happy to commute if that is to my client's preference. My aim is to bring your projects to life in the smoothest way possible for you. Every production will be of the highest quality and will be delivered within any deadline given.

I could continue writing words but at this point I would love for you to experience the power I can bring to your projects. Please do have a listen to my reels and a read of my reviews via my website and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, until then!

Enjoy the show!