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Home studios are important for voiceover artists. We are lucky to have them. In fact, 20 years ago a home studio was not the done thing. These days it is affordable and achievable but most importantly, it opens up the whole world for you. It creates opportunities and in turn is essential in the current climate. However, to make a home studio it requires time, research and effort. We will share in this module the basics that you need and how we set it up. You do not need to be a tech professional or a sound engineer to have a home studio. It is extremely important to have a professional sounding home studio both for yourself and for the industry. What you need is a microphone (preferably a diaphragm condenser microphone), a microphone stand, an interface (should you not want a USB microphone), a computer, closed-ear professional headphones and an XLR or a USB wire to connect the equipment to the computer. From that you will need software to record on. The most important element of a home studio is your environment – that is critical! There are two considerations to bear in mind; sound proofing and sound treatment. Sound proofing is about stopping external sound being picked up by your microphone like trains and cars for example. There are simple ways to treat the space with things like double and triple glazed windows. Extra walls and thick insulation will help too. Sound treatment is about dealing with sound waves and how they behave inside of the environment you are recording in. For example, with hard surfaces like walls and desks, sound will bounce off of them and will travel back into the microphone which creates an echo sound. To prevent this you will need sound proof tiles or blankets.

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My name is Alan and I am a British voice actor based in Leeds, UK.
I have a friendly, story-telling charm to my voice with a small hint of a Northern English accent. I can create a range of powerful character voices for Animation and Gaming. Additionally, I can also provide informative, conversational and relaxed voices for Commercial and Corporate use.

I have worked in the Performing Arts industry for over 20 years. Having worked in Theatre, TV, Performance Capture, Film and VO I am passionate about bringing characters to life no matter what situation or genre they are needed for.

I am confident working with clients all over the world from my high spec home studio but I am more than happy to commute if that is to my client's preference. My aim is to bring your projects to life in the smoothest way possible for you. Every production will be of the highest quality and will be delivered within any deadline given.

I could continue writing words but at this point I would love for you to experience the power I can bring to your projects. Please do have a listen to my reels and a read of my reviews via my website and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, until then!

Enjoy the show!