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Mastering the Voice Actor’s Mindset

4 weeks
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Welcome to Mastering the Voice Actor’s Mindset! In this comprehensive course, you will learn the core mindsets that allow professional voice actors to thrive in their careers. Whether you are just starting out in voice acting or are a seasoned pro looking to take your skills to the next level, this course will provide you with the tools and strategies to master the mental game of voiceover work.

We will cover essential topics such as:

– Understanding and reflecting on your current mindset
– Challenging and overcoming any limiting beliefs
– Handling rejection and learning from feedback
– Tools and tips to cultivate resilience and build a growth mindset.

By the end of this 4 week course, you will have gained the mindset of a pro voiceover artist, and will be able to apply the learning into all areas of your life.

Here is a small booklet to accompany your progress. It is designed to be used alongside each section and the intention is that the course will last a month – 1 section per week. You can race through it but will not likely gain much by doing so. I am a strong believer that some things take time to ‘land’ and much of the content in this course will take time to sink in and get comfortable with. I don’t even anticipate that 4 weeks is enough time but this is a stepping stone. We hope that the course will at least shift your thinking a little and allow you to be kinder to yourself.