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🎉 Step into the world of boundless possibilities with Audiobook Week 2024, the ultimate celebration of audiobook narration brought to you by The VoiceOver Network! 🎧


📚 Audiobook Week 2024

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the captivating realm of audiobook narration! 


From June 10th to June 14th, immerse yourself in a week-long extravaganza packed with webinars, panels, workshops, and more, all designed to ignite your passion for storytelling and propel your voiceover career to new heights.


June 10th – June 14th


Just $49 for Audiobook Week 2024 Week Pass: 

$49 general ticket / Members log-in to receive your 30% discount!


An INTENSIVE #VONWorkshop Pass includes access to Audiobook Week 2024.


#vonaudiobook So much awesome information on this week’s webinars regarding all things audiobook. I am very excited for the future. #lifechanging – Kent Oxford, Voiceover


Discover the secrets to success in the dynamic world of audiobook narration! 

From mastering the art of character portrayal to honing your auditioning skills and uncovering insider tips from industry experts, Audiobook Week 2024 is your passport to unlocking a world of opportunities in the booming audiobook industry.


Don’t miss your chance to learn from the best in the business! 

With a lineup of top industry professionals ready to share their knowledge and expertise, Audiobook Week 2024 is your gateway to refining your craft, expanding your network, and taking your voiceover career to the next level.


Who Will Be at Audiobook Week 2024?

Get ready to rub shoulders with industry icons and connect with fellow voiceover professionals from around the globe.


Rachael Naylor – Founder of The VoiceOver Network and your guide through Audiobook Week 2024.

Rachael Naylor is a prominent figure in the voiceover industry, known for her dedication to supporting voice actors and fostering a vibrant community. Rachael and her team bring AUDIOBOOK WEEK to you to gain invaluable insights in the world of audiobook narration.


Stephanie Cannon – Voice Actor, Audiobook Narrator.

Stephanie Cannon is an accomplished voice actor and audiobook narrator with a knack for bringing stories to life. With her expertise, she’ll provide valuable insights and tips during the MEMBERS-ONLY VO WORKOUT GROUP session.


Julie Wilson – Penguin Random House Representative.

Julie Wilson is a representative from Penguin Random House, one of the leading publishing houses in the industry. Join her for an insightful discussion on the Audiobook Revolution during the “Beyond Words” session.


Billie Fullford-Brown – Award-winning Audiobook Narrator.

Billie Fullford-Brown is a Multi award winning Voice Actor and Audiobook Narrator including the 2024 Audie for Best Fiction Narrator, multiple One Voice Awards and Audiofile Earphone Awards.


Jennifer Aquino – Voice Actor, Award-winning Narrator, Director.

Jennifer Aquino is a seasoned voice actor and audiobook narrator with a diverse range of experience. Join her as she shares her expertise during the Diversity Panel, exploring the importance of representation in audiobooks.


Avi Roque – Actor and Voiceover Artist

Avi Roque, a Latine, Transgender, Nonbinary actor and voiceover artist, brings their diverse background and talent to the Diversity Panel. Known for their narration of the New York Time’s Best-Seller, Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas, Avi’s voice resonates across various mediums, including film and animation.


Emily Curran – Representative from ACX.

Emily Curran represents ACX, the leading audiobook production platform. Join her for a discussion on carving your niche in the audiobook world, and gain valuable insights into the industry.


Ronnie Butler – Audiobook Narrator, Coach.

Ronnie Butler is an experienced audiobook narrator and coach, known for his expertise in marketing and self-promotion strategies. Don’t miss his workshop where he’ll share valuable tips to enhance your marketing efforts as a narrator.


Ana Clements – Mindset Coach.

Ana Clements is a mindset coach dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential. Join her for an insightful session on mindset and self-awareness, essential elements for success in the audiobook industry.


Alice Lee – Representative from id Audio.

Alice Lee represents id Audio, a leading audiobook production company. Join her for the OPERATION PROTECT – AI PANEL where she’ll provide insights into the impact of AI on the audiobook industry.


Cary Hite – Audiobook Narrator.

Cary Hite is an actor and an Audie Award nominated, Earphones Award winning narrator from NYC. Since 2007, he’s had the pleasure of working with a number of publishing houses.


Sean Pratt – Audiobook Narrator.

Sean Pratt, known as The Sage of Non-Fiction Audiobook Narration, shares his expertise in narrating non-fiction titles. With over 27 years of experience and numerous awards, Sean guides participants through the nuances of non-fiction narration, helping them deliver impactful performances.


Johnny Heller – Audiobook Narrator.

Johnny Heller, the Audiobook Maestro, brings his energy and expertise to Audiobook Week 2024. As one of the most sought-after narrators and coaches in the industry, Johnny shares his insights and techniques for mastering the art of audiobook narration.


What to Expect at Audiobook Week 2024?

From insightful panel discussions and hands-on workshops to exclusive networking opportunities and behind-the-scenes insights, Audiobook Week 2024 promises a jam-packed schedule of events guaranteed to inspire, educate, and entertain!


Here is the full itinerary of activities and events for Audiobook Week 2024 presented by The VoiceOver Network:


Monday June 10th:

5-6pm UK BST, 12-1pm ET, 9-10am PT: 

Welcome to The VoiceOver Network Presents, AUDIOBOOK WEEK 2024 with Founder, Rachael Naylor.

6-7pm UK BST, 1-2pm ET, 10-11am PT: 

Beyond Words: Exploring the Audiobook Revolution with Julie Wilson from Penguin Random House.


Tuesday June 11th:

5-6pm UK BST, 12-1pm ET, 9-10am PT: 

Getting Started in Audiobooks with Billie Fullford-Brown, Award-winning Audiobook Narrator.

6-7pm UK BST, 1-2pm ET, 10-11am PT: 

Diversity Panel – with special guests: Jennifer Aquino, Avi Roque, and many more to be announced.


Wednesday June 12th:

5-6pm UK BST, 12-1pm ET, 9-10am PT: 

Carving Your Niche in the Audiobook World with Emily Curran, ACX .

6-7pm UK BST, 1-2pm ET, 10-11am PT: 

Marketing Strategies for Audiobook Narrators with Ronnie Butler.


Thursday June 13th:

5-6pm UK BST, 12-1pm ET, 9-10am PT: 

Mindset and Self Awareness with Ana Clements.

6-7pm UK BST, 1-2pm ET, 10-11am PT: 

OPERATION PROTECT – AI PANEL with Alice Lee from id Audio, Cary Hite and many more to be announced.


Friday June 14th:

5-6pm UK BST, 12-1pm ET, 9-10am PT: 

For The Love Of Audiobooks with Sean Pratt & Johnny Heller.

6-6:30pm UK BST, 1-1:30pm ET, 10-10:30am PT: 

Thank you for joining us for AUDIOBOOK WEEK 2024 with Rachael Naylor.

7-9pm UK BST, 2-4pm ET, 11am-1pm PT: 

Virtual VOND ‘Meet-Up’ – AUDIOBOOK WEEK 2024.


Audiobook Week 2024 INTENSIVE Workshops

Get ready for an immersive experience like no other! 


Book your place on one of our exhilarating INTENSIVE Workshops, designed to turbocharge your voice acting journey and elevate your skills to new heights.


Each workshop runs across the weekend of June 15th-16th at 6-9pm UK BST | 1-4pm ET | 10am – 1pm PT


Plus, purchase a ticket to any INTENSIVE Workshop and unlock a FREE Pass to access all the activities and events of Audiobook Week 2024!


Demos, Marketing, and Self-Promotion Strategies for Audiobook Narrators with Ronnie Butler

Are you ready to take your audiobook narration career to the next level? Join Ronnie Butler for a comprehensive workshop focusing on demo production, marketing, and self-promotion strategies. Learn how to create standout demos that showcase your skills, and discover effective marketing techniques to attract publishers and authors. With Ronnie’s guidance, you’ll develop a personalised marketing plan to enhance your visibility in the competitive audiobook industry.


Tell Me a Story! – Nonfiction Audiobook Narration Masterclass with Sean Pratt

Dive into the world of non-fiction audiobook narration with Sean Pratt, renowned for his expertise in the genre. In this workshop, Sean will share insights and techniques for delivering impactful non-fiction narration that captivates listeners. Explore the nuances of different non-fiction genres, and learn how to infuse your performances with authenticity and authority. Whether you’re new to non-fiction narration or looking to refine your skills, Sean’s masterclass is your ticket to mastering the art of non-fiction audiobook narration.


Taking Your Audiobook Performance And Career To The Next Level: Time To Up Your Game with Johnny Heller

Join Johnny Heller, the Audiobook Maestro, for an exhilarating masterclass designed to unleash your vocal magic. In this workshop, Johnny will share advanced techniques for character portrayal, pacing, and storytelling, honed from his extensive experience as a top audiobook narrator. Whether you’re a seasoned narrator or just starting out, Johnny’s insights and exercises will help you elevate your performances and captivate audiences like never before.


Voice Mastery Weekend: A Combo of INTENSIVE Workshops with Jennifer Aquino and André Santana!

Experience the ultimate voice acting immersion with our Voice Mastery Weekend, featuring INTENSIVE workshops with Jennifer Aquino and André Santana. Jennifer will guide you through the fundamentals of audiobook narration, helping you discover your unique voice and storytelling style. Meanwhile, André will share his expertise in crafting compelling bios that showcase your talents and personality. Don’t miss this opportunity to refine your skills, connect with industry experts, and unlock your full potential as a voice actor.


This #vonaudiobook week is amazinggg! Another great #vonwebinar with @pjochlan. Listen, it was a wealth of knowledge shared and PJ’s perspective is amazing! Thank you PJ, @NetworkVO & @LFisicaro !! – Rashad, Voiceover


At The VoiceOver Network, we’re passionate about empowering voice actors of all levels to succeed in the industry. 


Join us at Audiobook Week 2024 and let’s write the next chapter of your voiceover journey together.


Secure your spot at Audiobook Week 2024 today and take the first step towards audiobook narration greatness. 


See you there!



June 10, 2024 6:00 pm - June 14, 2024 9:00 pm(GMT+01:00)

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