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VO Performance Technique and more with Dean Panaro - 27th July

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Do you want to learn the techniques that can help you land major roles in animation and video games?

How can mastering voice modulation and control transform your performances?

What strategies can make your auditions stand out to top casting directors?


Join us for an exclusive workshop with Dean Panaro, a leading talent agent in Hollywood who specialises in representing voiceover actors. As the founder of Dean Panaro Talent, Dean has helped numerous voice actors secure roles in animation, video games, commercials, and more. 


This workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn from Dean’s extensive experience and industry connections, providing you with the tools and techniques needed to succeed in the competitive world of voice acting.


In this comprehensive workshop, you will delve into the nuances of voice acting with Dean Panaro, gaining insights into character development, voice modulation, and script interpretation. 


You’ll receive practical, actionable advice on audition techniques and best practices, designed to help you stand out and land roles in various voiceover projects. Dean will also provide a thorough overview of the industry, sharing his personal experiences and connections to give you a competitive edge. 


Whether you’re an aspiring voice actor or looking to enhance your skills, this workshop is an invaluable resource for your career.


Details of the #VONWorkshop:

VO Performance Technique and more with Dean Panaro.

July 27th 2024

6pm-9pm UK BST | 1pm-4pm EST | 10am-1pm PST

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Understanding Character Development in Voice Acting:

Explore the importance of building believable and engaging characters through voice. Dean will share techniques for developing unique character voices and adapting your performance to fit different genres such as animation, video games, and commercials.


Mastering Voice Modulation and Control:

Learn the technical aspects of voice acting, including breath control, pitch variation, and dynamic range. Engage in practical exercises to enhance your vocal flexibility and achieve greater emotional depth in your performances.


Interpreting Scripts for Maximum Impact:

Gain insights into script analysis and interpretation. Dean will discuss how to read between the lines, understand character motivations, and convey the intended emotions and nuances to create compelling and authentic performances.


Audition Techniques and Best Practices:

Receive tips and strategies for delivering successful auditions. Dean will emphasize the importance of preparation, punctuality, and professionalism, and provide advice on how to stand out in auditions and make a lasting impression on casting directors.


Navigating the Voiceover Industry:

Get an overview of the voiceover industry, including key players, common practices, and emerging trends. Learn about the role of a talent agent, the importance of networking, and how to build a sustainable career in voice acting. Dean will share his personal experiences and industry connections to offer valuable insights.


Meet Dean Panaro:

Dean Panaro is a renowned talent agent specialising in representing voiceover actors. As the founder of Dean Panaro Talent, he has built a reputation for nurturing and promoting the careers of talented voice actors, helping them secure roles in various projects including animation, video games, commercials, and more. Dean’s extensive experience and industry connections make him a crucial player in shaping the careers of voiceover talent and connecting them with opportunities in the entertainment world.


Dean’s expertise and dedication to the voiceover industry are unparalleled. As a talent agent, he has a deep understanding of what casting directors look for and how voice actors can position themselves for success. His workshops are known for being insightful, practical, and highly engaging. Learning from Dean means gaining access to insider knowledge and strategies that can transform your voice acting career. His passion for helping voice actors succeed makes him an exceptional mentor and teacher.


Purchasing a ticket to this #VONWorkshop means investing in your future as a voice actor. The knowledge and skills you will gain from Dean Panaro’s expertise are invaluable for anyone serious about a career in voiceover. This workshop offers practical advice, personalised feedback, and industry insights that you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of Hollywood’s leading voiceover agents and take a significant step towards achieving your voice acting dreams.



A #VONWorkshop is an interactive, online workshop designed for voice actors looking to enhance their skills and gain insights from industry professionals. 


You will discover the techniques and strategies that Dean Panaro has used to guide numerous voice actors to success. From character development and voice modulation to audition techniques and industry navigation, Dean will provide you with the tools you need to excel. His experience in representing top talent and working with major studios ensures that you receive the most relevant and effective advice. You will leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of the voiceover industry and a clear path to achieving your career goals.


These workshops offer a unique blend of practical exercises, personalised feedback, and industry knowledge, providing participants with the tools and confidence needed to succeed in the competitive world of voice acting.


In this #VONWorkshop – “VO Performance Technique and More with Dean Panaro” – you will gain invaluable insights and techniques from a leading voiceover agent.


Two Ticket Options Available:


Option 1 – Reader

What’s included?

  • 1:1 tuition with Dean Panaro
  • Specific and actionable feedback from Dean Panaro
  • A question and answer session
  • Plus much more

Reader tickets are strictly limited, and only 10 of these places are available.


Option 2 – Watcher

What’s included?

  • You can watch the entire workshop in full
  • There will be no interaction, but you will be able to see how Dean Panaro works with each participant. 

This option is perfect for a beginner.


LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE! Lock in your spot now!


Unlock the secrets to voiceover success and gain personalised insights from one of Hollywood’s top agents. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn from Dean Panaro and elevate your voice acting career.


Are you ready to transform your voiceover career? 


Join Dean Panaro, Hollywood’s leading talent agent, for an exclusive workshop that promises to elevate your skills and unlock new opportunities. 


With limited spaces available, now is the time to secure your spot and take a decisive step towards achieving your voice acting dreams. 


Don’t miss this incredible opportunity – book your ticket today and embark on a journey towards voiceover excellence!


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July 27, 2024 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm(GMT+01:00)

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PRICING: General Reader: $299 Watcher: $99 *currency will be converted on next screen